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"Without a doubt, the best most suitable music I have come across, for Hypnosis & Relaxation!" Ian Rabbeth- D.hyp - Aufh - Mufh, Inverness UK

"I just listened to one of the cd's and it was amazing...thought I was falling back into myself...strange feeling..." Steffeny, Chicago

"When I played the CD, I felt I was being dragged down...wonderful feelings! I'm going to buy the others, definitely!" John C, Manchester, UK

"These music tracks are so different from anything else I've come across! just amazing!!" Val, Colorado

"The Cd´s arrived well. I have listened to them and find the effect deeply relaxing
and truly enjoyable - much more so than my other hypnotherapy music has been!"
Patrick Martin, Kilkenny

"I really love the tracks. Really amazing stuff. When I get the chance I'm going to order the other Cd's" :-) Jack M, Alaska

Dear Willy, "I take this chance to thank you. To my greatest pleasure Your CD's work wonderfully for relaxation!
I am very pleased and I cannot thank you enough". best regards
Jan Beale, Barnsley UK

"I would like to thank you very much for the excellent Relaxing music cd's you have given me". Miss Jean Allison, NLP, Croy UK

"I received 'Into The Minds Eye' CD, as a gift from someone else!
Really really great. I would like to order the other 2 CD's now!" Thanks
Minney, Ohio USA

"I think these CD's are totally different to anything else I've come across before to do with Hypnotherapy & Relaxation! And yes as you say you CAN 'Feel The Music' !! Elma Staley - D.hyp, London UK

"CD's arrived today! amazing! Really good?" Alannah Beath, NLP, Kent

"Wow! Willie this CD1 is brilliant, you can feel the pull?" Sam D, Manchester

"So relaxing & enjoyable! excellent work!" Hypno-Guy, Dallas, TX

"Thanks for sending the CD's so quickly Willie! Will be in touch about the others shortly? CD's are working for me a treat!" Tom J M, Southend


"Thanks for all the other nice comments & kind words I've recieved! I do appreciate feedback!" :-) Willie Oliphant